How it works

Simple, three-step process to send a Message:


The leader in school to parent communications, the Connect-ED service enables school administrators to record, schedule, send, and track personalized voice messages to thousands of students, parents, and staff in minutes.

An Application Service Provider (ASP), the Connect-ED service is fully-hosted and fully-managed, requiring no additional investment in computer hardware, software, phone equipment, or maintenance. You can send a call using just a telephone and there are never any long distance charges.

With a bundled set of emergency, community outreach, interactive survey, and attendance notification tools that help schools strengthen awareness, increase parental involvement, improve attendance, and audit communication on a regular basis, the Connect-ED service delivers millions of time-sensitive calls per month and is proven to outperform auto-dialer systems.

The Connect-ED service combines an integrated communications suite that gives you the power to:

  • Improve relationships with parents
  • Raise student attendance
  • Alert parents quickly and reliably
  • Increase participation
  • Send multi-lingual messages
  • Track message delivery

Provide leadership and direction to students, parents, and staff

  • Fully hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, no software maintenance or issues with upgrades, no hardware necessary or installation of phone lines required, fully web-based and accessible, 24/7/365
  • Multiple contact notification touch-points - combine voice, e-mail, and text messaging;
  • Unlimited use for a reasonable fixed fee - no long distance charges, per call charges, or per SMS charges
  • 24/7/365 customer support - unlimited assistance for all users with no per call support charges
  • Dedicated client care team - proactive support, personal attention and consultation
  • Automated, secured data transfers from student information systems - ensures up-to-date information; unlimited groups and sub-groups; web portal provided for data collection at your request
  • Custom user account access and call authorization levels - allows your campus to automatically tie the roles and rights controls outlined in your emergency communication plan to the service
  • Comprehensive reporting and auditing tools, download detailed call logs and usage reports - display percentage of recipients who listened to your messages
  • Fixed annual fee for unlimited use, no surprising usage bill. Easier to budget and plan
Extensive experience delivering millions of voice and text messages each month nationwide, the Connect platform is currently used at over 21,000 active sites across the USA.